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Endodontic Services in Littleton, CO

Endodontists perform root canal treatment as the final effort to save the patient's infected or badly damaged teeth. It typically involves removing soft tissues from infected teeth and applying medication to kill bacteria to eradicate the infection.

Our South Broadway Dental Care expert team uses state-of-the-art dental equipment to meet each patient's oral health needs. Our custom treatment strategies in Colorado Springs yield optimal results to help patients achieve the perfect smile.


What Is an Endodontist?

An endodontist is a tooth specialist with expertise in performing root canal therapy. They diagnose and treat tooth pain, diseases and infections and have the training and experience to perform root canal therapy with optimal results.

Patients seeking advanced dental care may visit an endodontist to identify the source of the tooth pain, infections or diseases. They apply the most effective treatment and medication to resolve the issue.

Why Do I Need an Endodontist?

An endodontist specializes in saving damaged or infected teeth and has the necessary equipment and expertise to diagnose and treat the issue. Reasons to see an endodontist for root canal treatment include:

Root Canal Specialist

Endodontists specialize in and focus on root canal treatment. They use advanced and precise techniques that are often more accommodating to patients. An endodontist utilizes specialized dental tools to save damaged or infected teeth and restore the patient's oral health.

Tooth Saving

Chipped, cracked or severely broken teeth can become prone to infection or diseases. An endodontist diagnoses damaged or infected teeth, so they can be treated effectively. Their experience and specialization allow them to perform advanced dental treatments to restore oral health.


General dentists evaluate tooth pain and use dental restoration treatments to address the issue quickly. Endodontists are better equipped to diagnose more profound tooth pain and serious infections in the roots. Severe tooth pain may indicate a root canal issue requiring more advanced dental procedures by endodontists.

Experience and Efficiency

Endodontists focus solely on endodontic treatment. They have an efficient workflow for root canal procedures and other advanced tooth problems. Their experience and specialization typically result in shorter appointments, improving patient experiences.

Do You Have to See an Endodontist for a Root Canal?

While a root canal procedure is generally straightforward, it takes specialized training and experience to successfully perform more advanced treatments and surgeries. Most general dentists haven't undergone specialized training or performed advanced root canal procedures frequently.

Endodontists receive advanced dental training that allows them to use a compassionate approach to advanced dental issues. Seeing an endodontist may be a better choice for patients seeking specialists with specialty equipment to increase their chances of success with advanced decay situations.

Why Choose South Broadway Dental Care?

South Broadway Dental Care provides specialized dental care with integrity and honesty. We use holistic dental treatment strategies to improve the quality of each patient's oral health in Littleton, Colorado, and the surrounding areas. Our expert team uses minimally invasive dental procedures to help each patient enjoy a happy, healthy smile.

Schedule an appointment today for an experienced, unparalleled level of dental quality care.

Smile. We are here for you!


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